To Hold A Stone in Your Pocket,

Seams Showing

Untitled Vessel l, 2017            Untitled Vessel ll, 2017                                     

(Coffee Cup)............................(Styrofoam Take-Out)

duct tape on moving blanket collaged textiles on canvas



structures are transitory

Mutually building up,

at once in decay



A vessel is both object and metaphor; A narrative not to know with many ways of seeing. It speaks to both contemporary life and our histories past; archaic and of the future: the nomadic tent, bag for carrying collecting containing water, food, personal items provisions and preserves. The vessel holds contemporary relevance: within the permeability of the individual; porosity of a culture comes shifting singularities; de-centering. It speaks to urban society's manifold territories: borders, boundaries and provides insight into how we might find social cohesion within modernity's transience, globalization, urbanization, dislocation. Along with transience comes instability – or at least it is a threat. Within these social complexities and liminal states of rapid change, the vessel can be a devise to stabilize; To imagine our extensive futures by embracing the unknowns and celebrating diversity.