Potentiality, And The Space Between


Upon Planes of Impermanence:

Flowers litter the streets


Flowers litter the streets


under tire tread.

Track-marks seemingly


this ongoing process

of de-volumizing.

Their flattened

Ubiquitous mystique

enables a nether-life

to be revealed,



After Ecstasy The Laundry


Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the shadow.

-T.S. Eliot


From an Impotence that Turns Back on Itself;

Not exhausted but inexhaustible


Like a fog which compassionately settles upon the landscape

it is the purity of an encounter

the newest freshest encounter


A Gesture Counteract; To the Erasure of Causality

Another Word for Memory is Life


Rotating Body

Something turns or is arranged

real or imagined

An artery divides into many branches at its origin

(Another word for memory is life)





It’s a kind of inner desire to get closer to people

the reality of everyday encounters

materials of the street

creating an expression of life

a cipher a symbol

an instrument not a sculpture

but an instrument like a knife and fork

with which we can eat art

in order to manifest its veracity

in the moment

rooted in the banality of everyday life

connected with the reality

of acting and observing

when you wake up in the morning

it is an observation.

The tenderness of the banal

in its availability

and how people deal with it

it's so close to people.