Mia was born in the mountains, and now lives by the sea (b. 1988, Canada). Her practice spans the disciplines of contemporary art and design research, both intertwining and obscuring these expansive, complex and vibrant landscapes. Having an intimate relationship with the natural environment is a key factor underpinning her work, at times, seemingly paradoxically woven with the colourful appropriation of found, lost or discarded remnants. Graduating 2014 (Emily Carr University of Art + Design) with a bachelors of Industrial Design, studying systems of production and consumption has acted as a catalyst for considering the potential within contemporary culture for alternative modes of collaboration and exchange.

Embedded in the notions of adaptability, flexible structures of value, Mia's work speaks to creative and cultural diversities, celebrating the often contradictory nature of differing value systems and the expansive pluralism that characterizes contemporary life. Tactics of action and non-action are applied as investigations into an over-arching narrative: Syntony + The Social, exploring the simultaneous (and/also) poetics of intimacy and amplitude, myth and memory, body and landscape, reciprocity and exchange within the local and global contexts.