Sound but flexible structures of value, Object-Poems require a place to be found, like something secret, in your heart. Suggesting a map, a landscape, a body, the forms are shifting from something familiar to abstract. Embracing local specificity that imparts emotional and aesthetic resonance (the social and the aesthetic are inextricable), a language unfolds: a plurality of overlapping possibility of exchanges.


Object-Poems convey new interpretations on that which is:

To Find Freedom/ To Find Place/ To Belong


Connecting to a land – dependent on a structural tension between form and existence – landscapes define the ethics of human place, shifting the forms of dependency: the opening up of/ negotiations of space, resource, abundance. Such a living context (flows of movement, fragile infrastructures, precarious and indeterminate materiality) open the possibilities of temporal interdependency: A Landscape of Potential. Collective and individual experiences take shape in and around these architectures. Considering uncertainty – engaging in or expressing based on notional relational conjuncture and imperfection – exchange of meaning is based on reciprocity; the sharing of pathos.


There is no beginning, nor end;

No repetition.

In what ways do we adapt?


To re-imagine landscapes towards a contemporary Understanding of Place is to make + unmake boundaries: territory, border, boundary – the line between fact and fiction – that which divides communities, regions, nations, continents, and those separating past, present, reality, dreams, rationality and absurdity are re-negotiated. Forgotten peripheries: experience, fable, myth and memory open up a certain imagination towards new forms of being.


A Narrative Not to Know,

With Many Ways of Seeing











Searching for Eden in the Hearts of Vagabond, (Object-Poems) 2018



...a sort of map unfolds

A map that you enter

of places I feel alive


images: Vancouver ArtWaste 2018 (group show), hosted by Dynamo Arts Association

works exhibited: CanPants, Kopi Courtyard, A Gesture Counteract To The Erasure of Causality